Forex Trading Workshop in London.      "THE TREND FLOW SYSTEM"



Saturday, 16th November 2013    |       Venue: Ramada Encore, London West.

Brought to you by in collaboration with London School of Financial Trading
Conducted by Sunil Mangwani one of the most respected technical traders in this business, you will gain the best possible knowledge to put you on the path to success.

The “Trend Flow” system.
How would you like to trade a “trend following” pattern offering maximum profit potential?
The “Trend Flow” system (which comes with a proprietary indicator) works for all financial instruments & across all time frames.
This can also be used to trade ‘Binary options’ as the indicator is designed for short term & long term trading.

Currencies tend to trend for a longer period of time & entering a trend at the ideal time offers maximum profit potential.
But catching a trend at the right time is easier said than done. Either the trader enters too early, thus getting stopped out; or too late by which time the trend has run out of momentum.
Using the proprietary indicator, this technique identifies the beginning of a new trend, thus enabling the trader to get in before the ‘crowd’ & riding it for maximum profit potential.

Watch Below short video to see the effectiveness of the indicators.
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Trend Flow workshop 16th Nov

Topics covered in the workshop

1) The basics of Forex trading.

2) The Best Times to Trade Forex.

3) How to Set Up & Use the Metatrader 4 (MT4) trading platform/charts.

4) How To Identify Support & Resistance levels and how to conduct Top Down Analysis

5) Fibonacci Forex Trading - Learn about Fibonacci Ratios – Retracements, Projections, Fans & Expansions; & how to use these various Fibonacci tools in MT4

6) The 3Ms:

  • Money – Money & Risk Management. Risk-to-Reward, Position Sizing & Capital Exposure
  • Mind - Discipline and patience to follow a trading plan.
  • Method - Technical set-ups for the trading methods.
7) The Trend Flow system :
Identify the stage of a trend using the proprietary indicators.
Prepare a detailed trading plan for this strategy, with precisely defined entry, exit and stop levels, along with the principles of money management.

8) How to prepare a ‘Trade Plan’:
Having a Trading Plan is often the thin line between success and failure.
Most traders assume that trading consists of merely using technical analysis.
But one must remember that “technical analysis is NOT the trading plan”.
One must use the tools of technical analysis as a path to manage your trades.
This simply means that a trader must have a ‘Trade Plan’, which incorporates the 3M’s.
We explain the procedure to make an effective ‘Trade Plan’, which can be applied for any technique & any market.

9) How to use this technique to trade Binary options:
Binary options are one of the fastest growing financial trading products due to their simplicity & the certainty they offer on every trade.
They can be bought in both directions of trade either by buying a “Call”/“Up” option or a “Put”/“Down” option & it is easy to control losses and calculate profits.
Binary options are offered against a fixed expiry time which could be from 60 seconds to 30 days & are more flexible than currency transactions.
The potential profit can be much higher for options & traders may experience larger gains in a shorter time with binary options than with straight forex trades.
It also requires a smaller investment & traders do not have to worry about making a margin call for an unexpected loss.

The “Trend Flow” technique is custom built for trading the Binary options.

Cost - Just 249 - includes a light Lunch, Tea/Coffee and supporting PDF documentation.
Trend Flow workshop 16th Nov


  • E-book ‘7 Trading secrets – Techniques used by professional traders to make money’. An acclaimed book on how to succeed in trading.

  • E-book ‘Trade the right way – Everyday’. An E-book with some of the most practical steps for trading.

  • 2 free “follow-up “Live webinars” with Q & A’s to help consolidate your knowledge.


Plus we offer our:  No-Quibble Money Back Guarantee

We would like to totally eliminate any risk that you feel you may be taking. If, for whatever reason, by the morning break, you do not agree that the techniques you are going to learn will help you in your trading, then you can request a no quibble, refund (minus a small administrative fee).

TIME: 09.00 AM to 05.00 PM

VENUE: Ramada Encore, London West.

Address: 4 Portal Way, Gypsy Corner / A40, London, W3 6RT.

0208 753 0800


The venue is very close to the ‘North Acton’ Tube station, which is on the Central line
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So don't delay, secure your place today.

Come and meet us and learn how to trade Forex like a Pro at these great values Forex Trading Workshops & see your Equity Curve grow!

IMPORTANT: Becoming a consistently profitable Forex Trader takes personal effort, discipline, knowledge and practice plus ongoing support and quality mentor-ship, so make use of this rare opportunity to kick start or reinvigorate your Forex journey today

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Trend Flow workshop 16th Nov



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