Trading Plan

Trading has to be treated like any business, where you plan for your expectations & contingencies…BEFORE you enter a trade.
It is a profession like any other, and it requires a lot of education and … EXPERIENCE before you become successful. While you are gaining experience you will be losing money.

Unfortunately, there is a serious misconception about trading.

Most of the new traders who enter this business seem to think that one can become wildly successful by purchasing a technical course, which offers instant returns.
So a trader thinks that he can read a few books, take a course or two, and then start making money in a month or two.
Would a pilot, doctor, or a lawyer have that same expectation?
So why does a new trader think that he can outwit the professionals by studying some technical indicators? In fact, most traders go into the market thinking trading is easier than it is, are under-capitalized, under-educated and overly optimistic.
And most of them get involved with live trades with very little education and preparation.

If one is to enter these shark infested waters, then one has to be prepared thoroughly…or get eaten by sharks.
The only way that one can be prepared to swim with the sharks, is to have a definite plan.

Surprisingly, it's something as simple as having a Trading plan that draws the line between winners & losers. Maybe that's why it's often neglected.
Out of the 85% of the traders who fail, most of them fail to have a Trading plan. Its only human nature to avoid something for which one has to do work and be held accountable.

Preparing a trading plan with the 3M's, is more of an art than a science. One has to maintain the correct balance between applying the technical strategies, the correct money management approach & keeping ones personal trading psychology in view.

This website has been developed to specifically help the trader develop a trading plan, which would enable him to 'graduate' to the top 15% of winners Finally



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