Dear Sunil,
I have been involved with MANY different teaching methods, e-books, seminars, on-line programs, the works! I have just completed my income taxes for this past year and found that I can write off more than $5000 dollars worth of training materials for Forex.
I have paid anywhere from $1995.00 US Dollars down to $9.95 dollars for trading methodologies of all sorts. Methods and tools that ranged from EA’s to manual systems. I feel I have received a four-year college education condensed into one year. Unfortunately, the price I had to pay was not condensed as well. The figures I have spent in the last year do not include trading losses that are more than the education itself.
I bring out all of this to make a point. Your course was (by far), the best investment I have made to date. Your methods are straightforward, simple to implement, and most importantly – they work!
In addition, your patience and kindness in explaining your methods are equally appreciated and go hand-in-hand with the excellent service that you provide.
In conclusion, your service provided the key to unlocking true methods that I will use in the Forex market in order to be one of the few profitable traders. I have never before had the confidence that I needed to have that would allow myself to have a real chance at being profitable. Through everything I learned over the past year, you were successful in cutting through all of the “noise” that is created by those who are out there just to make a killing off of those who are looking desperately for anything that will work. Although I will only implement one or two of your techniques (after all, that is all that is needed), those that I am most comfortable with (mostly the Fibonacci techniques you teach), I am quite sure I can trade profitably as I already have proven this to myself by applying these techniques to my trades.
Before I came across your service, I was becoming convinced that there were only two sets of people making money in the Forex market: Bankers (by collecting the spread), and those who were selling Forex systems to those individuals who wanted to make a profit. You have made me into a true believer that I too can now be profitable in this marketplace as well.
For that, I am grateful beyond words to express.
Thank you once Again Sunil,

Rich Hopkins

I am totally indebted to you for your help and education for my trading. I love the way you present your articles concisely but with all the required data and real examples to help illustrate your teachings. Luckily your document is stored in a folder with plastic sleeves for me to refer to, otherwise there would be no print left by now.
I feel so excited and privileged to have learnt so much from you already, it’s no wonder that you are so respected by traders.
I take great comfort from your replies and added knowledge. It’s like you are “virtually” holding my trading hand in guidance, and I respect that so much.
Over the coming months I will continue to look for Divergence Trades (I call them Sunil Setups) and 123 patterns.
And I am more than happy to keep annoying you with my charts!!! Good or bad, we never stop learning.
One thing I have noticed lately though, is since I have adapted your strategy; my frequency of losing trades has diminished quite substantially.
I think it’s a combination of your strategy working in principle, combined with my learning to “wait for the right setup”, and if in doubt, “stay out”, sit on my hands and observe from the passenger’s seat.
Then just keep looking for the next trade that I can be the chief pilot for again!
Angela Osmond

An outstanding interview, Sunil!
As always, you presented the information that traders need to understand with your trademark clarity of thought and organization.
This is an article that I will print and re-read to remind myself of the wisdom it contains.
I love that your own voice comes through so clearly in your words. Thank you for sharing this!"
Carolyn Robinson Della Mea

Sunil has helped me tremendously.
I attended many of his online webinars when I had the opportunity. He earned my utmost respect and appreciation for his mastery and skill as a teacher and I felt affection for the person that I felt him to be through his "voice".


“Hi Sunil,
I was lucky enough to attend your FX Harmonic Workshop this last weekend and I just wanted to say thank-you for a fantastic event.
I have seen many people try to explain Harmonic patterns but your style, examples and explanations beat everyone else hands-down. It was a truly illuminating event and I now understand Harmonic patterns far better than I ever did.
You and Martin delivered some fantastic advice to the attendees which will help them improve enormously as traders. Anyone with an interest in Harmonic Patterns needs to attend your course!”

Paul Wallace
Prop FX Trader
Kaizen Wealth Management

I am enjoying your material very much. Thank you and please add me to your email list.
You are really an excellent teacher and have unique insights.
I had not thought it was possible to use indicators and you really opened my eyes on the RSI.
So helpful.

Thank you.
Avraham Apatow



Sunil...while by no means am I an inexperienced trader....I certainly am well aware that my own risk tolerance....and just general level of comfort.
Personally...I have learned a great deal from you...and you are one of the finest technical analysts I know....
But even more so....you have edified my thoughts about risk management and seeing the overall picture of what it is like to be a successful trader. I know I will achieve whatever it is that needs to be achieved....the money is irrelevant to me at this point. It will come when it is supposed to come....I cannot and will not force the issue....
My trading process is no different than my process of learning music and fine art 30 year ago when I was 10 years old.....and I feel this self-discipline of classical and jazz music....painting and art history...has simply continued to grow with becoming a trader....
I am of the firm and sincere belief that the act of trading is of one looking in the mirror........it really is me against myself. I can analyze....prophesize....talk...opinionate....and everything else............but it really is a very solitary act. Again....for me....just like painting and composing........
My overall point here is you...as an educator...have reaffirmed these traits within me.......and it is in this way that I am indeed grateful.
You truly are a "trader's" Trader.....
Please accept my apology for rambling about.....but I simply needed to let you know the goodness I see in you....which really has absolutely nothing to do with trading.......and everything to do with you as a person.
Sincerely and with best regards.......your friend....

- Tim Salem-

I just wanted to say Thank You. It has been a pleasure and such a great honor to be a part of your teaching Fibonacci techniques. Your explanations and reasons have really helped me understand much more about Price Action.

Your calmness and focus are perhaps what set you apart from the crowd. You are what you preach, Discipline.

It took me several times watching your webinar to get the concept of the 1 2 3 pattern. Once I tried it a few times it began to make sense. I am what they call a “Newbie” and I only trade on a Demo account for now. Using your 1 2 3 pattern along with Fib Extension as given me hope that someday I will be able to trade a Live account and not get totally blown out of the water.

Taking part in the training by Forex Trader Pro has been one of the luckiest things I have done. Not only have they introduced me to Price Action but because of their course I’ve been fortunate to meet you. The scariest thing about this whole course is that now I am getting a glimpse of just how much I don’t know. I have so much to learn and discipline is right up there at the top.

I didn’t mean to ramble on and on. I really did just want to say “Thank You”.

I Owe You A Beer, (IOYAB)

Ken Krekel
Louisville, KY. USA

“I've know Sunil for many years and worked with him on many occasions.
He is in my experience quite possibly one of the most knowledgeable and capable teachers and employers of Harmonic Trading Strategies in the world.
Allied to his approachable demeanor and willingness to go the extra mile for his clients he is an immensely strong individual to have in your network.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Sunil and his work to any interested party.”

Paul Wallace,
Trader & Performance Coach

Just wanted to drop a thank you note.
I was wandering around aimlessly in the wild world of Forex trading; System hopping, overtrading and searching for the non-existent “holy grail” would define my “style”.
In other words, I was just another pig getting slaughtered by the pros.
That was until I came across your webinars. I was really fascinated by the way you have simplified the Fibonacci series and Harmonic patterns. Although I was aware of the Fibs, I was only using them like any other amateur trader would. It didn’t take me long to convince myself to sign up for your mentoring program. And I am really glad to have done so.

To the point, precise and simple is how I’d describe your style of teaching. It has helped me build my confidence and I am not overwhelmed by the chart noise anymore as I look at charts in a whole new different way now. I know exactly where my entries and exits are. I would strongly recommend your program to anyone out there who is looking to become a profitable Forex trader.

Time will tell, but I have a feeling that I may have turned a corner as far as my trading business goes if the trades I have taken during and after your mentorship program are any indication. Thank you for taking me on board your personal mentorship program in spite of your busy schedule. I really appreciate it.

Warm regards,
Srini Duggirala

PS: Yes, I was using the proper MM rules and scaling techniques you taught me on the two trades I was in last week.

"Since becoming a student of Sunil's, I have brought real discipline to my trading based upon the 3Ms. I manage my position sizes and risk:reward far better now, so that I risk less than 1% of my account on any trade plus trading Harmonic Patterns has taken all the stress out of Forex trading for me - as it works across all time frames so you can adapt it to suit your lifestyle. Plus with Sunil, you get to learn both Top Down analysis and Support and Resistance on top of the Harmonics and other Secret Forex Strategies that he teaches. I have learnt to really plan my trades and then trade my plans, taking profits at pre-determined points, this takes out all the emotion from trading. Sunil is an excellent and patient teacher/mentor who has brought structure and polish to my trading, such that I am consistently making several thousand pips each and every month by trading his strategies and methods - if you want to become a consistently profitable Forex Trader then I highly recommend you attend one of Sunil's workshops and start on your road to Forex success."

-Martin W, Plymouth UK

In lieu of a couple of 6-packs, I thought I'd drop a line to tell you how much I benefitted from your talk this morning. I complained a bit to Ryan at Options University regarding the paucity of useful information contained in one of the presentations. Yours stood out overall but especially when contrasted with that particular one.
In any case, in both relative and absolute terms, your presentation was tops and I thank you for it. I also purchased your special offer - which is probably even better than a 6-pack!

Kindest regards,
Ron Nelson
Albuquerque, NM

Good stuff today...I like the way you simplify your analysis of the market...I am learning the discipline of your approach better by the week.
Especially to not force trades because they are not in or at important levels/resistance...last week I got pinged a few times going against the trend believing the market would turn...now I realize what the heck if it does as I already have nice profits from the downside move. How you explained the CAD was exactly what I needed to hear...no trade yet...Thanks.

- John Spark.

I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am you accepted me in your room. I realize that all the $$ I spent before on education was wasted, as all I learned from these people was total garbage. The hard thing for me right now is trying to forget the teachings.
I also know you said you would send me the templates later on, but I see where I am going to have problems as I will not know how to properly use them. Attending your room I will continue doing, as I do hope to further what I can learn until I am able to do the mentoring with you. Really is neat finally finding someone who actually knows how to trade, and why certain things happen in the market.
Silent I will be for a while as I absorb what you go over.
Thank you again, and have a great weekend.

Eric Lue Young.

I want to stay for as long as possible. Am just able to see my way clear to trade and am heartbroken over the possibility of not being able to communicate with you anymore. Just use my current payment to extend me into next month. I highly respect your integrity and you are bar none, the best teacher and analyst there is. It is an honor to be your student
- Paula

I would highly recommend Sunil Mangwani as a Master Professor in teaching Forex Technical Analysis. His approach to teaching and utilizing Fibonacci in Forex Trading will take you to a much higher level of knowledge. Your learning curve will be shortened dramatically, especially if you are lucky enough to study with Sunil at the beginning of your “search for the Holy Grail”. Even if you have been searching for awhile, spend time with Sunil. You’ll be amazed at what you’ll learn. Treat your time with Sunil as a college course – take notes; type them up; practice by back testing; practice real time; ask questions; & keep practicing. Sunil did more to increase my level of knowledge than any other mentor I have worked with. He made me a “Fibonacci Princess”. 

Shelbyville IL

That was an amazing seminar on triangles
I am very comfortable with all of the things I have learned from you and how much I have learned in such a short time. That USDJPY example today showed me many of the common mistakes I continue to make in my trading. I would have jumped all over that head fake break down if I had been able to identify the triangle in the first place. I am very comfortable with your approach and your kindness and consideration to your listeners.
Sorry I have troubled you so much but, I really believe you are a fine teacher and I want to learn more and I feel that the money to subscribe will prove to be a valuable investment.

Steve Greenjack
Richmond VA

It has been a pleasure listening to you on fxstreet. You have a lovely simple manner in the way you explain.... I am not a new trader, however a newbie to fibs/elliot/wolf wave etc.
Melinda Kee

I appreciate your professionalism and talent in FOREX.
Frank Zaminski

Have listened through few random experts presentations here, there are so many talking without useful info given. Unlike this one. The author is genuine and without hype shares valuable info in a simple and effective way.
Thank you so much. Keep it up!
Sonya | 06/11/2008 at 18:27

I hope you and your family are well. I would like to share a few thoughts with you and if, at some point in the future and at your leisure, you wish to respond I will appreciate your thinking on what I am expressing.
When I entered the forex market I did it through a friend. He explained the market to me and offered to manage an account for me through a professional trader. That lost most of the money in that account in a short period of time.
I then took a revenge mentality toward the market with the idea that if the professionals could lose money that fast; I would do just as well to trade the remainder myself. So, I took the account over and continued to lose money.
So I tried to educate myself, as you say on your website, through books and some classes.
I tried it and continued to do poorly and became even worse as an over-trader.
While the financial toll was great, the psychological toll was probably greater. I was swimming with the sharks and being eaten quickly. Still, I felt there was something about this market that I could learn and benefit from.
I am grateful for fxstreet because my trial subscriptions lead me to hearing your webinar.
It is clear to me that you will not be offering a "trade of the day" with rules I cannot understand. You are offering a reasonable, logical understanding of the market and a true trading system.
I can tell you, I have already saved much more than the $80 fee in just these first few days because of the trades I did not enter. And, I really feel that you offer very high probability trading opportunities.
What I am getting to is this:
I will not be buying any more books or experimenting with other trial websites or paying for any more subscriptions for any other systems.
I am confident that I have found a teacher and system that fits my life and personality and, in addition, insists on good money management.
I also accept full responsibility for any trade I make and will never blame anyone or any system for mistakes that I make, should things not work for me.
And, for the valuable things you teach, I will keep them to myself or refer people to you so they too can learn the system from the person that developed it.
I truly thank you very much and feel that I have truly come across a person, in you, that can help me change my life for the better.

Steve Greenjack

I have a deep interest in the fibonacci ratios and chart patterns. Watching your videos from fx instructor on youtube was like watching a true master at work, and it will be a privilege to learn from you.
I have been doing extensive research and due diligence on your self and I am impressed with the results .

Marco Dean

I attended your webinar on Monday and really enjoyed it; I have been trading forex for 3 months now and am trying to learn all I can. Thank you so much for the webinar!
Katrina Ruiz-Welch.

I admire ur professionalism and applaud ur achievements.
Edet Thomas. ema4ddy@yahoo.com

The Harmonic patterns applied to FX trading is fascinating - thanks Sunil for the webinar - I will enjoy learning how to apply your teachings.
Sybil Burman. sburman@bigpond.net.au

Very good and clear explanations I have ever received from a forex coach so far
James Nguyen Phuc. james_phuc28@yahoo.com

I happened to your website from a video you recorded on fxstreet. I'm a new trader. I had never used Fibanocci's before and after hearing your lecture and seeing your pdf's I thought I'd give it a try. I loaded MetaTrader and found how to set the Fib's... and after loosing several times in the market before (mainly using indicators) I just focused on the Fib's... I made two win's last night in the Eur/Usd market.
It wasn't amazing money, because I was only investing .1 and .05 of a mini lot. But it totally works.
I started using Fib's on past climbs and falls and I can see how it relates. It's pretty amazing.
I just wanted to say thanks for the all the work on your website to help other people, like myself.
Brian Warner

Hi Sunil
Just read your 'market observations' article in FX trade journal -
nothing short of excellent!
Do you have this in a word doc or pdf version you could email me for my own personal reference?
With kind regards,
Stewart Jones

Hi Sunil
Thank you for taking time to write to me.
I was very pleased to meet you in Barcelona and look forward to your guidance in my trading. I am looking forward to meeting you in London upon your next visit here. Please do drop me a note or phone me your availability when in London. I will be waiting anxiously!
I have today signed up to your trading room and have transferred the monthly fee via PayPal. Please do let me know once you have received the subscription. I have a lot of confidence in your teaching and consider meeting a fine person like you as a blessing. I think this is why I came to Barcelona!
I look forward to hearing from you.
With best wishes and kind regards
Mehboob Merchant

"Think...And You Shall Be!"

thank you so much.
I have looked at a couple of the recording.
Stunning !!!
This is what has been missing. I know for you it’s old hat but for newbie’s this is pure gold.
It is hard to take in everything in a live session, but with the ability to go over and over you see all the little things your mind was not able to ask at the time of the live session, plus when in doubt just review the video.
Hooray for you

Once again Thank You
Norman Ford

Sunil i am from iran and i saw your course and i want to told you thank you very very much.
Hamid Karamati

Thank you for excellent presentations
Maarten S

Hi Sunnil could you please supply me with the pdf or word document on best times to trade. Many Thanks in advance. Your seminar came to an abrupt halt. I throughly enjoyed it until that time.
Trevor Matthew

Mr. Sunil , I really like your post s@ youtube. 0014169187189
Manish Bhandari

Howdy Sunil,
I just want to extend to you my deep appreciation for the clear logic and thinking processes you presented to us in the class a few hours ago. You inspired me to get engaged with the various training information you offer on your website and the other site you contribute to fxstreet.com . Great material and for the first time since I started this program 2 weeks ago, I have confidence I will become proficient in the Forex market. I’m still awake and learning (6 AM my time).
Henry Chidgey

Hi Sunil, Milka is here,
Thank you very much for introducing us this kind of priceless knowledge!
Are there some books or online resources of yours where I could find this
what you presented tonight?
My written lenguage (English) is not that good, but I can better if I read
How we find your trading room?
Too much Q,
thank you very, very much

Hi Sunil,
I am part of the OU Forex Trader group. I have been enjoying your technical expertise (although I am still on a learning curve) and I am interested in the fib classes that you mentioned (in the OU training class) plus gaining access to your live trading room, details would be appreciated.
Thanks again for sharing your knowledge with us…
Bryan Herbes

I know you must get a ton of emails, this is just a follow-up concerning the details on your live trading room. EXCELLENT job on the Fib classes!!
Best regards,

Keep up the good work.
Ken Grohs

Hi Sanil – I’m interested in knowing about your private trading room. I’m in OUForex and listening to you at the moment.
I really like your approach and attitude!!!! Thanks so much.
Carol Straquadine

Hello Sunil,
I want to take this opportunity to say how great your sessions at OUFX are - very clear and concise, and thoroughly explained.
You knowledge on fibs and divergence is fantastic - I got nuances I had never heard of before. I love the KISS principle, and have settled on using pretty much what you use for trading - price action with candles, support, resistance,, fibs, trendline and channels.
Tanya M

Your webinar through FXSTREET was worth waking up at 4 AM local time to attend.
David Kachuck
Oracle Certified Professional DBA
MS Access Certified Expert




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